Microsoft DirectX Raytracing via @KostasAAA, NVidia RTX via @ahcox

  • DirectX でのレイトレーシング API の DXR と NVidia の RTX に関するリンクです.



  • a stunning real time ray tracing demo using Star War’s characters
    • The live demonstration of real-time ray tracing in UE4 is running on the new Microsoft’s new DXR framework and NVIDIA RTX technology with Volta GPUs running on an NVIDIA DGX Station.
    • “NVidia DGX Station”
      •  four NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs and powered by DGX software
      • price : $69,000
    • Next-generation ray tracing rendering features shown in today’s demo included:
      • Textured area lights
      • Ray-traced area light shadows
      • Ray-traced reflections
      • Ray-traced ambient occlusion
      • New cinematic depth of field (DOF)
      • NVIDIA GameWorks ray tracing denoising
  • Setting up for development
    •  DirectX Raytracing applications accelerated by RTX, you’ll need the following
      • NVIDIA Volta GPU
      • NVIDIA driver version 396 or higher (to be released in early April)
      • Windows 10 RS4
      • Microsoft’s DXR developer package, consisting of DXR-enabled D3D runtimes, HLSL compiler, and headers
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