GDC2018 : UnrealEngine via @mikeseymour



  • GDC2018 での UnrealEngine 関係のリンクと一部の日本語メモです.


  • Fortnite on the iphone is the full version of the game and completely compatible with the original PC version.
  • Paragon Assets were also released to the public. Over $12 million worth of characters and environments from Paragon have been released free of charge for use in any UE4 project.
  • Siren
    • The actual face is rendered at 60 fps in real time and includes subtle facial hair and new advanced skin shaders from the UE4 team. Tencent and Epic’s engineers have introduced new backscatter algorithms and a new dual specular lobes. The glossy specular layer(s) represent light that is reflected immediately at the boundary of the skin. The 2nd specular lobe sits underneath the primary specular lobe and is attenuated by it.
    • Another example of the improved skin approach is the new screen space irradiance, this means for example, light hitting the skin on the cheek is bouncing from the cheek into Siren’s eye. This provides greater realism and stunning visuals.  (This demo does not use ray tracing – see our separate story on the ILM xLAB demo).




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