Unity Unveils 2018 Roadmap at GDC via @unity3d

  • GDC2018 での Unity の基調講演とブログです.


  • 2018.1 : 春
  • 2018.2 : 夏
  • 2018.3 : 秋
    • ネストのプレハブ
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP)
    • “High Definition Render Pipeline”
      •  It uses a hybrid Deferred / Forward – Tile / Cluster renderer
      • Isotropic multi scattering GGX for specular Layer and Disney Diffuse for diffuse Layer.
      • HD RP uses camera relative rendering.
      • Decals are supported on both opaque and transparent material (and are still in development) and correctly affect the sampling of Global Illumination (lightmap/light probe).
      • the light follows physical inverse square attenuation and uses physical light Unit.
      • allows the use of real-time area lights (no shadow or baking currently), like rectangle light.
    • “Lightweight Rendering”
      • 上の記事の表が従来の機能との比較をしていて, わかりやすかったです.
      • single-pass forward rendering with one real time shadow light and light culling per-object with the advantage that all lights are shaded in a single pass.
      • Compared to the legacy pipeline forward rendering, which performs an additional pass per pixel light within range, using the LW pipeline will result in less draw calls.
      • Lambertian Diffuse + Simplified Cook Torrance (GGX, Simplified KSK and Schlick) Specular

  • GPU Progressive Lightmapper

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